Our Mission and Vision


The mission of the Oasis Empowerment Zone, Inc. (NFP) is to provide empowerment, encouragement, and a network of support to single mothers by offering workshops, individual and group coaching sessions, and educational services. Through engagement with the Oasis Empowerment Zone, Inc. (NFP) mothers will be able to achieve their life's dreams.



The vision of the Oasis Empowerment Zone, Inc. (NFP) is that single mothers will be empowered to take charge of their destiny.


Why are we an Oasis Empowerment Zone?


The vision for the Oasis Empowerment Zone, Inc. (NFP) came out of need to help single mothers have a refuge, relief, and a pleasant change for what can be a difficult position.  An OASIS is a fertile spot in a desert made green by the presence of water.  So often single mothers allow their children to become their life and their total existence becomes engulfed into the needs of the children.  The single parent sometimes forget about their dreams, God-given visions, goals, and their promised destiny.


In order to recognize their worth and value, single mothers need encouragement as well as an extended support system to put life back in F.O.C.U.S. (Firmly On Course Until Success).  EMPOWERMENT means to makes powerful, to give strength and to validate. The process of empowerment helps individuals to gain power, access to resources, and control over their lives. In doing so, they gain the ability to achieve their highest personal and collective aspirations and goals. Empowerment resides within the individual but can be nudged by another.  The ZONE is an area set aside for a distinguished purpose. 


Therefore, the Oasis Empowerment Zone is a place of safety, "Where dreams become visions, visions become goals, and goals become reality!"

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Phone: 855-OASIS4U             855-627-4748

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